Facilities of Thunchan Memorial Trust & Research Centre

The Thunchan Memorial Research Centre is recognized by the Calicut University. A number of scholars use the facilities for studies in Malayalam and Sanskrit literature. The library has an excellent collection of Classical works in Sanskrit, Hindi and Dravidian Languages. A good collection of English books on subjects relevant to Indian studies is also available in the library.

The special section that contains ancient manuscripts written on palm leaves is a great attraction that no visitor to the Memorial can afford to miss. Students of the Tirur Regional Centre of the Sree Sankara University, Government College Tirur and the Calicut University frequent make good use of the Library. The Granthappura where the ancient palm leaf manuscripts are kept is airconditioned, to ensure the safety and preservation of the valuable texts.

The whole library is computerized. Internet facilities are available at the Centre. Modest accommodation facilities are also available near the premises.

The Centre has already launched plans to start a publishing division. The first major venture is a newly edited authentic version of Thunchath Ezhuthachan's Mahabharatham, prepared by Dr.P.M.Vijayappan.

The main aim of the Thunjan Smaraka Samiti is to bring out a complete biography of Thunjath Ezhuthachan, to establish a library, to conduct classes and to establish a research center and research facility for the upliftment of the Malayalam language etc. There is a research center, cottages for writers, an auditorium, and a literary museum here. It is also a Manuscript Resource center of the National Manuscript Mission.


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