Committee of Thunchan Memorial Trust & Research Centre

The present committee with M.T.Vasudevan Nair as the chairman and P. Nandakumar as the secretary was constituted in 1993. This committee chalked out a number of deveolopmental projects. Some of these have been completed and others are in advanced stages of execution.

The old auditorium was renovated and a new Saraswathi Mandapam dedicated to the Goddess of Learning was constructed in black granite. The latter was inaugurated by Kunjunni Master in October 1995. Guest houses where writers could stay and work in peace were constructed on the premises. An open-air auditorium was added to the complex. In 1998, E.K.Nayanar, the Chief Minister of Kerala inaugurated the Thunchan Memorial Research Centre and library.

Shri. M.T Vasudevan Nair inaugurated the new Padippura for Thunchan campus on 1st February 2001 - a gateway with Kerala's traditional architectural elegance. A dormitory to accommodate the guests was inaugurated by Shri. M.P Abdusamad Samadani, MP.

All buildings and structures in the complex confirm to the distinctive architectural style of Kerala and the campus has an atmosphere of its own. Those who visit the place will feel in their bones, the aura of scholarship and devotion to knowledge which reigned supreme on the campus for centuries. Scholars who came here for conferences and seminars often come back to experience once again the awakening that they felt during their first visit.


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